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Windows 10/11 Enterprise E3 (Annual Pre-Paid)

$84.00 for 1 year

Windows 10 Enterprise E3 builds on Windows 10 Pro by delivering enterprise-grade security, management, and control features for large or mid-sized companies, or any size business that processes sensitive data, operates in regulated industries, or develops intellectual property that must remain secured. The increased security helps protect your sensitive data, identities, and devices from cybersecurity threats, and provides enhanced deployment and software and device management options.

Windows 10/11 Enterprise E5 (Monthly Pre-Paid)

$11.00 / month for 12 months
Windows 10 Enterprise E5 includes Windows 10 Enterprise E3 plus Windows Defender Advanced Thread Protection (ATP). Windows Defender (ATP) enables enterprise customers to detect, investigate, and respond to advanced attacks and zero days on their networks—for up to six months, in a single timeline. It is built-in, cloud powered, and leverages the Microsoft Intelligence Security Graph to integrate detection and exploration with Office 365 ATP.