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Jabra BIZ 1500 Headset

Jabra BIZ 1500 Headset - Quick Disconnect - Wired - Over-the-head - Binaural - Supra-aural - Noise Cancelling MicrophoneTAA Compliant
Professional. Affordable. Durable. Features
  • Headset offers a dependable audio solution with maximum productivity
  • Listen to your favorite music with this over-the-head design headset
  • The 1500 headset provides plenty of freedom with wired connectivity
  • Boom microphone design ensures maximum comfort and easy, hassle-free talking
  • Noise Cancelling microphone technology enables reliable voice transfer to ensure maximum usability
  • Features Quick Disconnect connector
  • These supra-aural BIZ give you the comfort of portability

Jabra PRO 930 Duo Headset

Jabra PRO 930 Duo Headset - Stereo - Wireless - DECT - 393.7 ft - Binaural - Supra-aural - Noise Canceling
  • Provides exceptional quality sound with greater immersion
  • Sharp looking over head design will give you a comfortable fit
  • Enjoy detailed wireless audio with these PRO 930 Duo headset
  • With the wireless Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications technology, answer your calls remotely while multitasking around the workplace
  • Boom microphone is designed in such a manner that it will never miss a word you say
  • Sit comfortably anywhere in your room as the PRO 930 Duo offers wireless range of up to 393.7 ft
  • Immense yourself in quality sound with this stereo headset
  • The supra-aural aka on-ear headset features DECT wireless technology